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I cannot wait to meet you. I always want to know as much about my clients as possible, so please fill out the form below, and I will reach out as quickly as possible. Responses may take slightly longer during my busy season (May-November) thank you for your patience!

+1 708 567 7048
Based in Philadelphia, PA, USA

Frequently Asked Q’s

What are your travel fees?

All travel fees are included for shoots in the continental U.S.! Travel fees for shoots outside the continental U.S. may be applied.

Are you LGBTQ+ friendly?

100%. I identify as a member of the community and am always excited to work with LGBTQIA couples. Happy to show you galleries from past weddings!

What is an elopement?

Elopements have evolved quite a bit and have shed their scandalous + cheesy past connotations. Elopements now are often smaller, more intimate celebrations of love that really center you, the couple in the day.

Why do you work with film?

I could talk on this subject for HOURS but to sum it up: film is timeless. For this reason, I shoot all weddings on digital + film. Specific weddings have different film needs/requests so I spend a lot of prep time thinking about what film stocks + formats I will use for each wedding. Happy to chat more about this!